Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning
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“Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live.”

— Jim Rohn





1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.




  • We offer Small Group FUNCTIONAL Fitness Conditioning classes geared to men and women of any age or fitness level where everyone in the group is challenged to their personal abilities and needs.  

  • At Revolution we cater to the average person coming in to meet other like minded people and have a positive experience.  Whatever your level of fitness, 'try' and you will succeed !!!!

  • An intrinsic, valuable & inexpensive solution to personal training.

  • Classes are conveniently booked online to meet the needs of your schedules.



A 30 minute assessment is required prior to joining group fitness classes.  This allows the coach to ensure proper exercise form is reviewed and tested before attending the group classes.  We will review correct technique in the execution of a proper squat, lunge, push up, row and the importance of 'core stability' during these movements.  A visual postural assessment, discussion on previous/current injuries and exercise history will also be reviewed.

$30 (30 mins)




The goal of this class is to maximize your individual ability and improve your overall conditioning. A variety of functional movements will be combined into daily workouts. These combinations will be constantly changing. Expect a high intensity, challenging workout with a competitive edge inside and outside the studio. The movements can all be scaled or modified to your ability, making it a class for all fitness levels.  

Mondays   5:45am, 6:30am, 5:30pm (Nicolle)

Tuesdays   5:45am, 6:30am (Candice)

Thursdays 5:45am, 6:30am, 6pm (Candice)

Saturdays 8:15am (Nicolle or Candice)


This class focuses on ways to improve our movement and body mechanics by increasing flexibility, movement, and recovery. The goal is to help prevent injury, speed up recovery and improve overall performance in the gym and with regular daily activity. Our daily activity can wreak havoc on our flexibility, movement, and recovery. Some basic maintenance on ourselves can go a long way to improving our overall well being.

Join us for 30minutes of mobility followed by a quick WOD.

Saturdays 9am (Nicolle or Candice)


QUICK, CHALLENGING & SWEATY is how to describe this amazing butt kicker of a workout. 

Starting with a warm up, you will jump into a series of 6 dynamic & isometric exercises each executed for 30s complimented by 30s of active rest [jacks, planks, squats...etc.] - STAK’d until all 6 exercises are complete. Sweat it up with this non-stop 40-minute blast to challenge your cardio, core, power, strength & endurance. All levels welcome. 

Wednesdays  5:45am, 6:30am (Nicolle)


Total-body circuit strength training is the ultimate simultaneous challenge of muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Your ability to exert maximum muscle effort for an extended period with the entire body is put to the test.  Try this full body timed boot camp style 'Circuit Workout'.  Imagine the benefits of combining a cardiovascular workout with total body conditioning.  Each class will challenge your cardio, core, balance & strength. 

Fridays  5:45am, 6:30am (Nicolle)


Group Fitness Memberships

“An intrinsic, valuable & inexpensive solution to personal training.”


Conveniently Book your classes online. BOOK HERE

Sign up 2 hours prior to a class. Cancel up to 12 hours before.

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS (meaning: a membership valid from the 1st to the last day of each month. Each client is responsible to use their pass within the month. No exceptions.)

*Auto payment is available*

5x Monthly Pass $69

10x Monthly Pass $119

15x Monthly Pass $149

20x Monthly Pass $169

Single $14

**taxes are extra


Please CONTACT US below for more information about programs and memberships.


Individual & Small Group Personal Training

$45 per session booked month to month

Partner Training $35 per person per session

**All training sessions are 45minutes in length and booked month to month.


An assessment is required prior to all personal training sessions.  This allows the coach to perform a postural visual assessment, testing of shoulder flexibility, symmetrical bilateral, functional mobility of the hips, knees and ankles, muscle balance, joint-specific flexibility, core strength and body awareness/proprioception and cardiovascular fitness. This information will determine exercise prescription based specifically on assessment findings and history of previous or current injuries.  We will discuss goals, lifestyle, nutrition, habits, hobbies, history and set a plan for success.  During the meeting we will review exercise form such as a proper squat, lunge, chest press, athletic stance, core stability and neutral spine? 

$75 (1.5 hours)




Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at Revolution are compelled and driven to share the knowledge we have and resonate this passion of health & wellness providing effective conditioning programs for everyone. By living and embracing a lifestyle filled with the proper balance of fitness, nutrition, personal growth and determination - you will succeed!   We love what we do! 

So start your journey with us today. 


Our Coaches



  • Owner/Fitness Professional at Revolution Personal Training (est.2007)

  • BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) 15yrs

  • Jr.Fit Youth Fitness Certificate, AAHF

  • Medical Exercise/Post Rehab Specialist (In Practice)

  • Indoor Cycling Teacher Certification (Spinning)

  • Sport Balance & Movement Specialist Level1

  • Assessing & Correcting Postural Imbalances

  • Assessing & Correcting Joint Muscular Imbalances

  • Assessment & development of personalized training programs – functional & general fitness, weight loss, post rehab, sport specific, pre/post natal.

  • Nutritional assessments and recommendations

  • Body composition and fitness readiness testing

  • Emergency First Aid & CPR


Level 1 Certified Crossfit Trainer

Candice has been doing Crossfit for the past 8 Years and began coaching it 3 years ago. "I truly believe in the idea of functional fitness and would like to introduce this type of training to Pemberton. Outside of the gym, I am biking or running our fantastic network of trails and putting my functional fitness to the test."

  Candice & Nicolle shredding the brown pow. Coaches who play together stay together!

Candice & Nicolle shredding the brown pow. Coaches who play together stay together!

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We at Revolution Fitness Studio welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. Here, it’s all about the individual’s journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and get fit on your own terms. Join us today.


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