"The training team at Revolution has been a key contributor to my increased health and wellness. I go to their Functional Fitness, Circuit and 6STAK programs.  Working with this team has significantly increased my endurance, balance and strength. I'm feel invigorated and engaged each day after the morning classes and sleep much better at night. If you are looking to make yourself more than ready for the challenges that life throws at you, I would highly recommend connecting with this team to take your physical and mental health up to the next level with a fun, professional and engaging team. "

- Geoffrey Olsson, CFM

   Director of Engineering 

Revolution is awesome. I needed help to get motivated, and Nicolle's one on one time and attention to my needs was perfect. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get strong and commit to a gym program. 

-Tracy N.

I feared working out and going to gym as I suffer from arthritis. I have been doing one on ones with Nicole and I can say that my body has never felt better. She is there to guide me to insure I do not injure myself or cause any pain. I can see so much improvement not only strength wise but mentally as well. 

Clare Louise Riley Designer / Makeup Artist www.clarelouisemakeupandhair.com

Before meeting Nicolle 2 or so years ago I had never been to a personal trainer. Nicolle has shown me what my body is capable of through her vast knowledge and caring supportive nature. Nicolle’s encouragement and enthusiasm during her classes has helped change not only my physical body but my mental health, teaching me to love the body I Have, showing me where I can get to with hard work and dedication.

-Michelle Van Beek

I’ve been training with Nicolle for 10 years now . So excited her studio is open again . Her classes target all the right areas. Nicolle is highly knowledgeable and motivates everyone to keep going . Thanks for being there for us . Highly recommend Revolution Fitness Studio .

-Char Reiss


Nicolle and Candice take the mystery out of total body conditioning . They offer strength training, cardio, toning and camaraderie in a quick 45 minute blast. In one year I feel stronger and energized . All you have to do is show up and give it a go!

-Patti Griffin

The workout at Revolution is at the perfect time for me to put exercise into my schedule before my day starts. I always feel energized after my work out. I find the work out helps me regulate my stress and I’m more calm when my kids are testing my patience.

-Shelley Desbrisay

I love my morning workouts, I'm feeling stronger than ever. I don't know if it qualifies as couple's therapy, but, my husband & I both benefit from the same workout! Nicolle has always kicked my butt with a surprise each session and Candice has moved the bar even more. 

-Anne West